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Visto che le settimane della moda stanno per concludersi, mi piacerebbe iniziare il mio blog parlando dei principali trend visti sulle passerelle di New York, Londra, Milano e Parigi che saranno protagonisti della prossima stagione autunno/inverno. So che molti di voi probabilmente non vedranno l'ora di riporre nell'armadio i capi che vi hanno riscaldato in questo freddo inverno per indossare graziosi e leggeri abiti estivi. Ma ho pensato che potrebbe essere interessante dare un'occhiata a ciò che indosseremo. Fatemi sapere quale è il vostro trend preferito! 

As fashion weeks are almost over, I would like starting my blog talking about some of the fashion trends we have seen on the catwalks in New York, London, Milan and Paris for the next autumn/winter season. I know a lot of you are already thinking of summer and beautiful and light clothes and are looking forward to wear them. But I think it can be interesting to give a look at what we will wear.
Let me know which is your favourite trend!

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Beauty routine

I can’t believe I will be 41 in some weeks (the 8th November), even if the age has never been a problem for me. While most women close to forty begin to worry about the time that passes inexorably marking their bodies and their faces, fortunately I have preserved the looking of a twenty-five girl. This is the age that most people think I am. Many people ask me which is the secret of my juvenility, but I don’t think there is one in particular. I have never used any make-up except from a thin layer of mascara and a lip gloss and I have never spent my money in the last expensive cosmetics that promises miracles. My beauty routine, in fact, simply consist in washing my face in the morning and in the evening with a mild soap and then applying a good cream and an anti-aging eye treatment. 
As I have a healthy lifestyle, I am very careful in the choice of cosmetics. I always try to choose products made with natural ingredients. One of my favourite brand is Lavera, a German company specialized…
enerdì 14 aprile 2017
Discover Como lake: Varenna
Oggi andiamo a Varenna, un pittoresco e antico villaggio di pescatori sulla sponda orientale del lago di Como.
Today we go to Varenna, a picturesque and ancient fishing village on the eastern shore of Como lake.

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Missoni umbrella, Marc Jacobs doctor's bag, Mel Shoes rain boots, Rick Owens sweater, trousers, alpace cape, Bina hat, River Island enamel bow necklace

Today in Milan it rains and the temperatures are lowered drastically.   As my Swedish friends say: “there is no bad weather, but only bad clothes”.   So this rainy day has inspired me this look. What could be better than a pair of nice rain boots, a beautiful umbrella, a warm hat to repair your head from the cold autumn air and an alpaca cape to face the rain.